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The rich, biographical stories of Feynman and Wheeler in Halpern’s “The Quantum Labyrinth”


I am Gabrielle, and I am a mathematician and writer.

I grew up on the stage and spent a portion of my life in comedy and music. This experience gave me the skills for communication, building relationships with others, telling stories, and working in media relations. While pursuing a degree in Journalism and Public Relations, I also maintained my studies in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I currently hold degrees in Journalism and Mathematics.

I have experience writing and working in a variety of industries that include education, pharmacy, space flight, science, computer software, science fiction, and (cue the drum roll!) entertainment.

I am currently in Chapter Five of my life, raising two inspiring teenage boys and educating them through their independent studies as they prepare to enter college. Of all the chapters I have lived through, this current one is my absolute favorite, as we fervidly explore the beauty of math, the wonders of science and the adventures of literature!

Thank you so much for visiting my site! Always remember to seize the day!