Gabrielle Birkman


While contracted at Amgen, I met with a few departments to analyze their department processes. Through meetings, research, and basic documentation, I wrote six lengthy processes in six weeks. I thoroughly created these extensive documents with a well-organized structure that would allow Amgen team leaders to update their processes effortlessly.
Dollar Doctor Diva and Edible Snow Globe inventor, Kathy Hartsell Jacobs, utilized my public relations and video editing services. After mapping out a video reel that extensively highlighted her skills, Jacobs landed a spot on The Learning Channel's Craft Wars. Jacobs recently appeared on the Today Show with her Dollar Store Fourth of July creations, which I leveraged with press releases for more coverage. 
When the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) contacted me, the company was just ten days away from its annual Innovations in Testing conference. ATP needed 80 technology-based abstracts copyedited as quickly as possible. I was able to copyedit all 80 abstracts within five days.
While at Einstein Communications, I managed all office operations, including administrative workflow, payables, receivables, and client communication while helping to increase company sales by 30%. 
My second day in NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Media Relations provided me with a chance meeting with retired Mechanical Engineer, Herman Bank. Bank was hoping to spread the news about Volunteer Professionals for Medical Advancement (VPMA), which is a group of retired JPL and Caltech employees who work with doctors to develop new medical technologies. I worked with Bank and VPMA to create a plan that, in little time, garnered positive, national, media attention with WIRED, LA Times, Pasadena Star News, Cosmiverse, and more.
Nancy Kugel, owner of Engee-Kay Designs, needed local Wisconsin coverage following her appearance on the DIY Network. Her goal was to increase sales. My efforts to reach local press outlets garnered Kugel a full-page article in the Business section of the Lake Country Reporter.